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Good girls do

Good girls do

Elliot James told me, “Nobody besides you has ever sat down with Karen Fisher and watched her fuck some guy. Prior to that time with you, she’d never done that. She hasn’t done it since.”

This is true. I don’t know what it means, but it’s true. I think I mentioned this the last time we posted one of Karen’s fuck scenes on SCORELAND2, but I guess it’s worth mentioning again. The thing about Karen is that she’s a big, bodacious bombshell of a blonde, but she has the personality of a girl-next-door: sweet and charming, even a little shy. She’s a porn star, but she blushes when she talks about sex. That’s why I wanted to watch Karen watching herself having sex. I knew I’d get a reaction out of her, and I did. She kept turning away from the action on the screen, but she kept looking back because she couldn’t stop looking.

And I sat there watching her. What was I watching? I wasn’t watching Karen fucking on the screen. I was watching Karen reacting to her fucking on the screen.

That was five years after Karen had first come to SCORE. Four years later, our studio booked Karen and Kelly Christiansen at the same time. Now, we’re talking about not one but two bombshell, brickhouse blondes, two walking wet dreams. Karen and Kelly hit it off, probably because they’re so similar. Both are charming and sweet, but both are a bit on the shy side, and when you ask them, they’ll both tell you they can’t believe they do what they do in front of the camera.

“I think when I first started dancing, it was my way of rebelling, because I was pretty good in high school,” Karen once told me. “I didn’t drink or do drugs. I just think it was my time to do something crazy and wild after not having done anything wild and crazy at all.”

By 2001, she was selling her breast milk to her fans.

Karen and Kelly co-starred in a skit for SCOREtv in which mistletoe keeps following them around. Why does mistletoe follow them around? So we can see them kiss. Karen and Kelly giggled all the way through the skit, but they got into it, too. Why? Because both girls have a giggly side and a horny side. They showed off that horny side for a scene we knew we had to do: a three-way involving Karen, Kelly and a very lucky guy.

In this scene, during that same trip, Karen handles the cock and balls by herself. She sucks, fucks and tit-fucks. In the end, the guy cums all over her tits. It’s a copious load. In the final seconds, she looks up at the camera as if to say, “Can you believe I did this?” Well, yes, Karen, after all these years, I can.

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