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Erin & Helen Star’s Swinging Island Diary

Erin & Helen Star’s Swinging Island Diary

Erin & Helen Star's Swinging Island Diary

The Star sisters are not swingers, but show them a swing and they’ll swing, as they do here in this video diary. Erin Star and her sis Helen are not twins but they might as well be. The two are inseparable yet competitive. “Our voices are similar, our breasts are similar,” Erin said. “Physically, the most-obvious difference is that Erin’s whiter. Our personalities are totally opposite,” Helen added. Big sister Helen is the leader. Little sister Erin is the follower. The sisters talk about their experience at the North Coast and walk around the grounds. Helen checks out the hammock strung between two palm trees. They love the beaches, the weather and the local food. When the girls sign off, they sign off by shaking their big tits.

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