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Pop Your Cork With Minka

Pop Your Cork With Minka

Pop Your Cork With Minka

So what does Minka do when a day at SCORE wraps up? Does she go out clubbing and partying?

Not Minka.

“Fucking so much makes me hungry,” Minka said. “When I’m done, I go back to the hotel and eat Chinese food in the hotel, then I go out to Burger King and have a double Whopper and chicken nuggets. Ten-piece. Then I shower and go to bed.”

Where does that fierce dedication come from?

“I knew I could do it if I wanted to do it. Still, after all these years, I’m in the same shape I was when I started. I eat healthy food. I play tennis non-stop. I’m fine. I knew I could do it, but a lot of girls were stuck up. They didn’t talk to me. And I thought, ‘Wait. Wait 10 years.’ And now, everybody’s gone, and I’m here! And I’m going to be here next year!”

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